By Sohail Sawlani

Why it's cheaper for airlines to make stops

19 July 2022

You may think that it is cheaper for airlines to fly non-stop flights than one with a stopover, as it saves fuel from takeoff or landing. However, in several cases if the flight is long enough, it is actually cheaper to make a short stopover. And no, it is not because more passengers can board at the stopover destination, but that is an added benefit.

Long-haul flights require lots of fuel. After some point, if a lot of fuel is carried to be used, the airplane will start to use fuel to carry fuel for later in the flight. This will become inefficient and cost the airline a lot more money in fuel. With the ongoing war, prices for fuel have skyrocketed, so airlines are becoming more vigilant of their fuel consumption.

If the airline takes a lower amount of fuel then stops over in the middle of a route to refuel, it will significantly reduce the price paid for fuel. This will increase the journey time, but it saves money, and allows more passengers to board the plane at the stopover (which the airline can earn extra money from). If the passengers do not need to disembark the airplane, most passengers would agree to the short wait.

For instance, Singapore Airlines operates a route from Singapore to New York via Frankfurt airport, which takes around 21 hours. However, if you are not willing to wait, the airline also operates direct routes (mainly for business travelers), which is also the World's Longest Flight.

In conclusion, while it is cheaper for airlines to do flights with stopovers, airlines all around the world still continue to do non-stop flights for the sake of convenience, and because business travelers don't mind paying more to reach the destination faster.

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