Air India Express Introduces Premium Vista VIP Class

December 6, 2023

INDIA, 6 DEC | Air India Express (AIX) has announced the introduction of a premium class product, similar to Premium Economy on their fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft- known as Vista VIP.

This new class comes with many perks and benefits, including wider seats, more legroom, increased baggage allowance (40kg on international, 25kg domestic), gourmet hot meals and priority services. The airline states that guests booked on other fares have the flexibility to upgrade to Vista VIP seats through the call centre, at the airport, or once on board with an upgrade fee, as seats are now on sale.

These premium seats are readily available on AIX's 737 MAX 8 fleet as the airline's MAX jets were originally destined for Chinese carriers, which previously installed 4-8 business class type seats. Out of the airline's fleet of 58 aircraft, only 4 of them in the fleet are MAX jets with this VIP product. However, more will be delivered as time progresses.

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- Deccan Herald
- The Hindu Business Line


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