By Sohail Sawlani

SunExpress Orders 90 Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft

DUBAI AIRSHOW DAY 1 | November 13, 2023

DUBAI AIRSHOW (Day 1), 13 NOV | Turkey's SunExpress has announced an order for 90 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft- 45 of which are firm orders for the type. Of the 45 firm orders, 28 are for the 737 MAX 8 and 17 are for the MAX 10. The larger, efficient MAX variant will assist the airline in its fleet renewal processes.

The airline currently opeates a fleet of 6 A320-200s with average age of 14 years, a total of 60 737-800s and 737 MAX 8s, with average age of 12.1 years and 3.6 years respectively. This new order will replace their aging 737-800NGs and A320s in due time, likely making the airline a full 737 MAX operator, with -8 and -10 variants.

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