By Sohail Sawlani

Southwest Airlines Converts 737 MAX 7 Orders Amid Delays

July 29, 2023

USA, 29 JUL | US-based budget carrier, Southwest Airlines, has converted 24 existing orders for the Boeing 737 MAX 7 aircraft, to the longer Boeing 737 MAX 8 following delays. Just 2 days ago, Boeing announced that the first delivery of the MAX 7 had been delayed to 2024 due to issues in certification.

In order to buffer the impacts caused by the delays, the airline converted its orders to the larger variant which is currently in service, and can be delivered quicker. According to Reuters, the airline has 388 MAX aircraft on order, with over 100 now in service with the carrier.

The airline also has stated recently that they plan to fly some MAX 7s next year, if not they would take MAX 8 deliveries instead.

Sources: Reuters

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