By Sohail Sawlani

Singapore Airlines: Ticket Prices to Go Back Down Soon

19 May 2022

SINGAPORE, 19 MAY 2022 | An executive in the Singapore Airlines Group stated today at a briefing that ticket prices are expected to "come back down' amid an increase in travel demand.

This is due to travel restrictions easing around the world as many countries are switching their methods to deal with COVID-19 as an endemic instead of a pandemic. Also, with summer on the way, there has been a spike in bookings.

According to several travel sites, such as Expedia, ticket prices nowadays are higher than pre-COVID days.

As the demand for tickets go higher, prices will go lower, according to Singapore Airlines.

Commercial Executive Vice-President Mr Lee Lik Hsin said:

Airfares are a function of demand and supply. The reality is that flights for the next two months or so are quite booked up for many sectors, and so in those sectors, you will see higher prices.

If you go beyond two months, the prices come back down. In fact, we regularly conduct promotions to try and get early bookings and early sales. So there are actually attractive prices out there in the marketplace; it really depends on when you need to travel and where you need to travel.

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