By Sohail Sawlani

Singapore Airlines Adds A350s to Hyderabad Route

October 16, 2022

Starting on October 30th, Singapore Airlines will utilise Airbus A350s to the Singapore-Hyderabad route, instead of the Boeing 737MAX aircraft. The 4-weekly service will now see an increase of 596 seats weekly. This means that Singapore Airlines has re-established 100% of its pre-pandemic capacity to it's Indian destinations.

This aircraft upgrade will see additional comfort to Singapore Airline's passengers, due to the A350's wider cabin, larger windows and special lighting to combat jet lag.

Hyderabad, also known as The Pearl City, is a popular tourist destination, with its unmatched blend of history and modernity. From historical monuments to natural getaways to mouth-watering world famous cuisine to appealing shopping places and thrilling entertainment parks, There are many tourism places to visit in Hyderabad, from families, young group of friends, children to senior citizens

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