By Sohail Sawlani

Qantas Launches Direct Flights to Paris

October 29, 2023

PERTH, 29 OCT | Qantas will begin service on a 17-hour-long flights between Perth, Australia and Paris, France from 12 July 2024, ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympics.

This direct service follows the success of Qantas' longest flight from Perth to London Heathrow, and will be operated 4x weekly with Boeing 787-9 aircraft, decreasing to 3x weekly from 18 August 2024, after the Olympics.

The new route will go on a Sydney- Perth- Paris routing as follows:

QF33 departs SYD at 1355, arriving in PER at 1700, then departing at 1935 to reach CDG at 0655 the following morning- taking 17 hours and 20 minutes on the main Paris leg.

QF34, the inbound leg, departs CDG at 0955, arriving in PER at 0830 the following day, later departing to Sydney at 1000, reaching at 1605- taking 16 hours and 35 minutes on the main leg.

The Paris service will also offer customers another option for connecting to more than 70 destinations across the region, including Barcelona, Munich, Frankfurt and Athens, and 12 destinations within France through Qantas' network of partners, while also offering 75,000 seats between Australia and Europe per year.

This route also has quite the considerable history, dating to 1980, when the airline operated a 1x weekly Sydney- Melbourne- Perth- Mumbai- Belgrade- Frankfurt- Paris Orly route. Qantas also operated a direct Perth-Paris service 3x weekly back between October 2002 and October 2004 with Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

The new route will without a doubt be one of the world's longest ever flights, which comes ahead of Qantas' upcoming Project Sunrise, which will launch 20-hour long services between Sydney, New York and London-Heathrow.

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