By Sohail Sawlani

Flying with pets? Here's what you need to know!

November 4, 2022

Almost half of the world's population owns a pet in their household. As border restrictions have eased worldwide, there has been a sharp increase in travelers heading overseas. If you are planning on going overseas, but do not want to leave your pets behind, this article is for you!

Many airlines in the world allow pets to fly onboard. However, the dog will likely not be sitting with you, but in the cargo hold instead. This may be quite dangerous, as your pet may suffocate or get sent to the wrong aircraft- which happens quite frequently. The fluctuating temperature, noise and air pressure may make your pet stressed, especially if it is a long flight. Almost 100 animals, out of 2 million, die every year onboard in the US alone.

Many airlines accept pets onboard | © perrobook

However, there are a couple of airlines that allow dogs and cats in the cabin, next to you, depending on your pet's size. Some airlines include Lufthansa, KLM, British Airways, Emirates, United Airlines, JetBlue, Vueling, Delta, Southwest and many more!

Some of these airlines may require you to pay an extra fee in order to carry them onboard. Also, if you have an emotional support pet, most airlines will allow you to take them into the cabin, but with prior notice and a valid reason.

Before you bring your pet on your flight, check with the airline and enquire in advance. Furthermore, you should also get the necessary paperwork, including health certificates and rabies shots.

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