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By Sohail Sawlani

Plans Ruined: Pakistan Blocks New GoAir Route From Travelling in Their Airspace

It has been 2 weeks since GoAir's new Srinagar to Sharjah route launched, and there has already been an issue. Pakistan, where the flight cuts across, has revoked overflight rights for the airline to operate this route. This means that an extra 40 minutes of travel time must be added to the route, which may not be efficient enough for the route.

The new route, operated by GoAir, which has been recently renamed to GoFirst, launched on October 23rd this year and is the first link between the two cities since 2009, almost 13 years ago. Air India Express used to operate the route then.

Despite India requesting Pakistan not to go ahead with this decision, they still went ahead with it. The reasons to do so is most likely due to politics, due to the tensions in the area. This current ban is reported to last until the end of this month. However, GoFirst will suspend the route if the demand is not high enough to cover the inefficiencies of said route.

About GoFirst (GoAir)

GoFirst is an ultra-low-cost airline based in India, founded 16 years ago as GoAir. The airline is one of the biggest in India, with a fleet of 58 Airbus A320CEO and NEOs, with 93 more to come, over 38 destinations.

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