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By Sohail Sawlani

Singapore Changi Airport Launches "Glamping By The Runway" Event.

For many aviation fans, the airport is our second home. However, have you ever tried to live inside it? Well, now you can. One of the world's best airports, Singapore Changi Airport has launched a "Glamping By The Runway" event. In this event, you can stay overnight in the comforts of a tent inside Changi Airport's new Terminal 4, opened a few years ago.

You can glamp in comfort with planes in sight, while viewing the exhilarating sunrise and sunset. It's a Planespotter's dream! It costs up to $420 for a one night stay, entering at 3pm and exiting at 11am the next day. The ticket is inclusive of a tent, Queen-sized beds, shower facilities, Entertainment zones, Movies, Free parking and many more!This event will last from 3 December 2021 to 2 January 2022 and is currently on sale at the Changi Airport website or IChangi app.

Due to it being located in the transit area of Terminal 4, you will need a security-cleared pass to enter. Worried about COVID-19? Fret not. Terminal 4 is currently not in use for international flights, so there is no risk of you contracting COVID-19 from a passenger of an international flight.

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