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By Sohail Sawlani

Flight Review: Singapore Airlines SQ516 from Singapore to Kolkata.

Today, has been given a trip review from one of our correspondents which recently flew to Kolkata, India. They flew on SQ516 from Singapore to Kolkata. The flight was operated by 9V-MGN, a 6.2-year-old Boeing 737-800, delivered to SilkAir in October 2015, then transferred to Singapore Airlines in March 2021 as part of the merger. Now, lets take a look at the review.

How was the Check-In process like?

The Check-In process was very smooth at Singapore's Changi Airport, one of the world's best airports. The counter staff were very friendly and patient.

What was the seat product like?

The seats in Economy Class were very comfy and is perfect for any size. Legroom was adequate and did not feel restrictive.

How was the In-Flight Entertainment (IFE)?

There was no In-Flight Enterainment on the flight, sadly, as the airplane was a tiny Boeing 737. The aircraft used to belong to SQ Subsidiary, SilkAir, that did not have any IFE.

How was the COVID-19 safety measures?

The COVID-19 safety measures on the flight was mediocre. The cabin crew were not telling the passengers to implement the rule of wearing masks for the whole flight. Passengers were seen not wearing masks properly as they were half slipped down. Also there was no social distancing taking place as the flight was packed.

On the plus side, the cabin crew were wearing full PPE and gave out COVID-19 care kits, which contained 1 wet wipe, disposable mask and a bottle of sanitiser, which was very useful.

How was the food onboard?

The food onboard was good. I had the vegetraian meal and it was very tasty. I especially loved the dessert, which was a double chocolate ice cream.

Was the aircraft clean?

Yes, the aircraft was very clean. The cabin crew regularly cleaned parts of the aircraft during the flight.


The tray table, where you eat, is the dirtiest part of an airplane! People sleep on there, put their feet on it, and eat on it. Due to the tight turnaround time, especially on budget airlines, there is not enough time to clean all the tables properly. So, next time you go on a flight, be sure to think twice before using the dirty tray table. Wipe it down first before using it.

Were there any delays?

No, there were no delays. In fact, the flight landed early! Instead of arrival at 9.50pm, I arrived at 9.30pm.

In a nutshell:

In a nutshell, the flight overall was good. The service and hospitality was delightful.

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