By Sohail Sawlani

In Summary: Dubai Airshow 2023

DUBAI AIRSHOW DAY 5 | November 17, 2023

DUBAI AIRSHOW (Day 5), 17 NOV | As we are in the midst of the very final day of the Dubai Airshow 2023, lets take a recap on all the major orders at the airshow. This week has surely been an eventful one, with numerous orders across all the days.

Boeing has won the Dubai Airshow by a landslide, following their loss to Airbus back during the Paris Air Show in June. Boeing managed to score over 262 firm orders, with 81 options, in comparison to Airbus' 66 firm orders and 20 options. ATR managed to clinch a deal in Dubai with 10 firm orders and 10 options. Embraer, unfortunately, did not score a single deal.

Boeing's 737 MAX 8 also dominated the airshow with 73 firm orders, followed by the 777-9X with 55, 787-9 with 47 and Airbus'A350-900 with 36 firm orders. Now, lets take a look at all the aircraft orders from Day 1 of the airshow:

Day 1:

- SunExpress 28 737 MAX 8, 17 737 MAX 10 with 45 options
- Emirates 55 777-9X, 35 777-8X, 15 787-10, 20 787-8
- FlyDubai 30 787-9
- EgyptAir 18 737 MAX 8 (with ALC)
- airBaltic 30 A220-300 with 20 options
- Royal Jordanian 4 787-9
- Royal Air Maroc 2 787-9

Day 2:

- EgyptAir 10 A350-900
- SCAT 7 737 MAX 8
- Oman Air 1 737-800BCF
- Ethiopian Airlines 20 737 MAX 8, 11 787-9 with 36 options
- Abelo 10 ATR72-600 with 10 options

Day 3:

- Ethiopian Airlines 11 A350-900

Day 4:

- Emirates 15 A350-900

Day 5:

No orders expected.

Boeing Commercial CEO Stanley Deal has flown to San Francisco to be at the head table during the APEC conference, and Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury has gone to China, signalling that there will be no orders today at the airshow. ATR and Embraer are reportedly also not expecting any orders today.

Planeopedia thanks you for your support throughout Dubai Airshow 2023. Stay tuned for more!

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