By Sohail Sawlani

Singapore's Changi Airport Reopens Middle Runway

December 1, 2023

SINGAPORE, 1 DEC | The World's Best Airport- Singapore's Changi Airport, has officially switched to a triple-runway system with the reopening of the middle runway (02C/20C), or "Runway 2" today morning. The runway had previously been closed for infrastructure works, to support the upcoming Changi East Project (T5) since October 25, 2020.

Following Runway 2's closure, a third runway (upgraded from an ex-military runway) was opened to alleviate traffic, but it quite a large distance away from the terminals in operations (1 to 4) as it its primary purpose is to serve the upcoming, massive, Terminal 5.

In the wee hours of the morning today (December 1st- more than 3 years since its closure), the ATIS indicated that departures will use 02C instead of 02R/20L. With that, the very first flight departed from the newly refurbished runway at 4.49am local time, which was Scoot's TR386 to Angeles City.

After nearly 8 years since announced in 2015, Changi Airport has a triple-runway system to allow for efficient operations especially in peak periods, and is one step closer to nearly doubling its capacity with the mega Terminal 5- bigger than the combined size of all 4 terminals combined. Sadly, looks like 02R/20L will be quieter from now on, with the other runways being more preffered due to its closer proximity, only being used in high-traffic situations.

As a bonus, Singaporean planespotters can now use the Viewing Mall at Terminal 4 to view 02C/20C arrivals and departures.

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