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By Sohail Sawlani

A Deer-saster on the Runway: Sukhoi SJ95 Collides With A Deer.

Earlier, an Azimuth Air Sukhoi SJ95 collided with a deer on the runway while coming in for a landing in Pskov, Russia. All 96 passengers and 6 crew made it out safely, however, the deer did not survive, sadly. Who would have expected to come across a deer in an airport runway?

Azimuth is a popular airline in Russia that operates a young fleet of Russian-made aircraft.

The aircraft, a Superjet 100-95, with registration RA-8910 was coming in for an approach on Pskov's runway 19 following a flight from Krasnodar when they hit something on the runway. The aircraft sustained damage to some parts of the fuselage, especially the engine and the wings. Blood was seen splatted on the landing gear.

However, do not worry. Such events do not occur frequently at major international airports. Airports such as London Heathrow and Singapore Changi Airport have trained staff to ensure that the runway is clear and safe for landing. Pskov Airport is a tiny airport surrounded by forests, so incidents such as these do happen from time to time. Only a handful of aircrafts land there everyday.

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Image: Azimuth

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