By Sohail Sawlani

Air India Reveals Sleek New Livery and Logo

August 10, 2023

NEW DELHI, 10 AUG | Air India has revealed an all-new branding, including a striking new logo and livery at an event at the Taj Palace, Delhi today. This is part of the airline's transformation into the future following the takeover of Air India, Air India Express, AirAsia India and Vistara by the Tata Group to form Air India and Air India X.

The new logo features the peak of a golden window, which signifies limitless posibilities for the airline. This new refesh signifies a new era for the airline, where the airline aims to refurbish all current aspects of the airline- from the fleet to customer service while taking in newer aircraft in their recent multi-billion dollar order.

The new livery also features the signature Air India red, while incorporating hints of Vistara' stylish purple in its tail fin. It is truly stunning, and a great livery and branding to last forever.

In new developments, the airline has announced that the airline will completely refurbish its aircraft fleet gradually, starting with the Boeing 777 fleet by next year. The airline's brand new first class will feature lie-flat seats with wifi and wireless charging, while business class also gets similar features, too with a lie-flat seat in an enclosed suite. The new premium economy product appears world-class with padded legrests and enormous IFE screens which will now feature up to 17,000 minutes of watch time. Back in Economy, the product has been substancially improved, with modern designs and adjustable headrests.

Additionally, the airline will launch a new redesigned loyalty programme next year, which is set to revoloutionise the industry. Furthermore, the airline has also announced that it will lease and purchase 20 new aircraft this year, set to join the fleet very soon, alongside their new Airbus A350s!

It was a stunning, and historical event, one that will change the Indian aviation industry forever.

Air India chairperson, N.Chandrasekaran, said:

Our aim is to make this airline a truly world-class and iconic airline that every Indian will be proud of. We are fully committed, we are all in, on this journey until we make this happen

Prior to the event, the airline accidentally leaked their new logo in a YouTube livestream.

Source: Air India via Youtube Livestream

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