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By Sohail Sawlani

MU5735 UPDATES | Pilots Were Not Having Any Personal Issues, CVR Found.

China, 20 March 2022 | A China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 jet went down in Wuzhou, killing all 132 passengers onboard. During a press conference held today, more information about the incident has been raised.

During the 2nd press conference ever since the crash, we were given more information regarding the nature of the incident. This includes the pilot’s condition and more about their experience. Also, it gives us a better view of the condition of the recently found black box.

First of all, one of the black boxes were found around 6pm local time, as of now, it is currently being processed by Chinese investigators. It has been recently confirmed that the black box found was the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)

Secondly, the weather was confirmed to be relatively normal during the time of the incident, weather is not a cause for concern. Also, communication of MU5735 to the Air Traffic Controllers was nothing out of the blue until the time of rapid descent.

All 3 pilots were in the pink of health and very experienced in flying. Their family situation at home was very good, no personal issues could have triggered a force-crash (pilot suicide). All licenses and health certificates were valid.

The Captain had 6,709 flight hours, First Officer had 31,769 flight hours and the third pilot (trainee pilot) had 556 flight hours.

The aircraft was well maintained and met industry standards prior to take off.

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